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THYRA Email Security

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Take the questions out of email security with our comprehensive solution!

THYRA Email Security proactively identifies and filters spam, viruses, fraud and other email threats before they enter your network with customizable filters, cloud-hosted quarantine, in-transit encryption, and advanced reporting.

No installation, hardware, signup fees, contracts or cancellation fees.*

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Advanced Email Security

THYRA's Features

100% Uptime Guarantee

THYRA operates on a geographically fully redundant network. If downtime just isn't an option for your business, we can proudly provide a 100% uptime guarantee!

In-Transit Encryption

Your emails are secured automatically with STARTTLS encryption. If you require full encryption ask us for available options.

Proactive Detection

THYRA scans your email for viruses and responds as threats emerge, resulting in proactive outbreak detection.

Customizable Email Filters

Customize filter rules based on content, sender, keywords, word matching, attachments, and more!

Cloud-Hosted Quarantine

Keep junk mail and spam out of your network! With customizable reports you can instantly search and manage your quarantined items.

Advanced Reporting & Recovery

30 day message report to determine how your messages are classified, as well as a 5 day queue to view, manage and redirect any failed emails.

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