Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an ongoing process used to drive quality traffic (or visitors) to your website from online search engines (such as Google or Bing).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are the new Phone Book

A decade ago it was not unusual for businesses of all shapes and sizes to budget thousands of dollars a year to advertise in the YellowPages of your phone book. But in reality, when was the last time you reached for the phone book when you needed a new product or service?

How about your mobile phone?

According to Forbes Magazine, multiple studies confirm that 80% of consumers admit to searching the internet first whenever they need a new product or service.

Not only is it significantly more convenient to carry a smartphone in your pocket over a phone book, but optimizing your website for search engines gives you the opportunity to give a specific answer the query a potential client may be searching for.

How SEO Works

1. Introduction

We get to know your company:

We meet with you in person or over the phone to talk about your past SEO and other online marketing efforts, your business history and what products or services you provide to your clients.

We discuss your business goals:

We discuss the type of clients you want to target (local, national or global, client demographics, etc.), what areas of your business you want to grow and which products/services you want people to know about.

We talk about your budget:

You let us know how much money you want to spend monthly, quarterly and/or annually. Then we help you work out the best plan to help you achieve your online marketing goals within your budget!

2. Research

We assess your website:

We run an audit on your website to determine your website's health. We fix any moderate to critical issues that may be affecting a search engine's ability to read your site.

We research your target market:

Given your goals for target audience and business growth, we research how, where and why potential clients may be searching for your service or product. We then develop a list of keywords or key phrases.

We optimize your web pages:

We create content that reflects the research we have done and optimize your web pages to increase your presence on search engines!

3. Results

We track your results:

We track visits to your site, hits to your landing pages and goal conversions so that we can tell which campaigns are working, which keywords are effective and which pages are generating the most conversions.

We send you monthly reports:

We email you monthly reports with a comprehensive explanation about what it all means. We help give you insight to how your site is performing against your own goals and your competition.

We continue to adjust our strategy:

SEO isn't a "set it and forget" marketing campaign. With your competition and search engine algorithms constantly changing we find new and innovative ways to keep you ranking for your keywords!

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Customer Success Story

One of our clients owns an auto repair shop in the heart of Mississauga. They were interested in shifting their customer base from standard auto repair to luxury vehicle service and repairs. The client had more than enough qualification to make this shift, but they were struggling to reach the type of customer they were interested in obtaining.

Aminco Hosting, as a division of LOGIX Data Products Inc., approached the client with a solution to their problem; search engine optimization. We talked to them about their goals and target market, and then went to work developing an SEO campaign that focused on promoting their target keywords.

Within just a few months the results started pouring in. This client was ranking number one for very competitive keywords, and even outranking top brands like Mercedes-Benz and attracting high-profile clients like Google Maps!

By developing a clear focus on their goals, we were able to help this client achieve the business growth that they had envisioned! Today, the client has relocated to a bigger auto repair shop that has been redesigned to appeal to their new luxury vehicle service customer base.

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