Hosted Exchange

Get more options with business-class email, including: Skype for Business and up to 50 MB storage!

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Website Design

Show potential clients that you mean business with our easy website builder or professional website design!

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Digital Marketing

In a digital world, having a website is critical for your brand identity and visibility.

Website Hosting
Our powerful website platform makes creating and maintaining your website easy!

Website Design
We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your online presence goals!

Search Engine Optimization
We get to know your company, discuss your business goals and budget to help bring clients to you.


Cloud Solutions

Cloud Storage
Effectively maintain off-site data in the cloud. In case of deletion or disaster you can restore files easily whether you are on the road, or in the office.

SaveITSafely® Online Backup
Our cloud repositories work as a local backup – except that your backups will still be available even if your primary data center is lost.

SaveITSafely® SecureSync
Users can securely share corporate data, or collaborate with colleagues and third party peers, with our business-grade managed file sync software.


Email Solutions

Webmail is perfect for small businesses looking to manage and schedule emails, contacts, events and tasks all in one place.

Hosted Exchange
Whether you check your email on your phone, tablet or computer your email folders will sync open and deletion updates instantly across all devices.

Email Security
THYRA Anti-Spam scans your inbound and outbound email for viruses and ransomware, responding as threats emerge for proactive outbreak detection.